Vegan Mofo 2010 – Day 4
So just to prove that I don’t only eat Indian food I thought I’d show you the salad I threw together tonight. The great thing is I didn’t have to prepare anything except for toasting the sesame seeds and pine kernels, oh and the marinated peppers had been prepared in advance. It’s a rather decadent salad as well without being to evil either …. perhaps a contradiction ? I’ll let you decide for yourself.

Ingredients :
Mixed sweet and tangy salad leaves (mine included Cos lettuce, Endive, Radicchio, Totsoi, Rocket and Red mustard leaf … but any variety you like will do)
Chargrilled Artichokes in a lemon & chilli dressing (Store bought : dressing consists of canola oil, fresh lemon juice, sugar, fresh herbs, salt and chilli flakes)
Cooked mini beetroot soaked in balsamic vinegar (Store bought)
Sliced Cucumber
Grilled and marinated (Prepared in advance : grilled in the oven until the skin blackens, then remove from oven, peel off skin and marinade in olive oil, balsamic vinegar with some crushed fresh garlic)
Pine kernels and sunflower seeds dry roasted in a frying pan with some seasoning
Calamata olives
Preparation :
Clean and spin the salad leaves and toss them in a salad (duhh) bowl.
Assemble all the ingredients on top of the salad leaves – throwing the dry roasted pine kernels on last and then sprinkle with your favourite dressing.
The image above is before the dressing has been added but all I used is some balsamic vinegar.

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