Vegan Italian Sausages with spaghetti

I’ve always had this love-hate relationship with seitan. Every time I made it before it came out really sucky. I buy some seitan of the dry ready-made variety and that always comes out wonderfully. I found the recipe for Vegan Italian Sausages on the Happy Herbivore website (you can find the full recipe here : ) and it looked yummy, easy to make and best of all most of the meals by Happy Herbivore are fat-free or at least low fat !!

So I made the recipe for the Vegan Italian Sausages from above and they turned out like this :

I added chopped them up and added them to the tomato pasta sauce that I made used for baked butternut and tofu pasta and mixed in some spaghetti and it looked like this :

And to top everything off we don’t have Daiya in South Africa and Cheezly is hard to find so when I found Vegusto No-Muh (no-moo) in an arb supermarket yesterday I was pretty happy !! They only had the “piquant” flavour available but it grates nicely and was wonderful on top of the pasta. The no-moo bit is really cute too.

Grated Vegusto :

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